Local Resources


Curious about how much the UA Campus, UAPD, and Tuscaloosa PD care about you and your bike? Check out the helpful programs they offer here.

Bama Bikes: Need some wheels this semester? Bama Bike’s provides students with quick, easy access to bicycles to make commutes quicker.

Bike Registration: Register that bike and obtain a serial number for quicker recovery if it is ever misplaced or stolen.

Bicycle Routes: UA Recreation’s killer map that highlights different bike routes and offers advice for the beginning cyclist.

Current Bike Rack Locations: Where the heck can you lock your bike up, anyway?

eGrave: Done through the city of Tuscaloosa P.D., you can engrave your personal belongings to ensure quicker recovery if they happen to be stolen.

National Bike Registry: Get the latest on bicycle theft policies across the nation and protect your bike by registering today.

Operation ID: Done through UAPD, Operation ID supplies students with tools to engrave unique characteristics onto their bicycles for proof of ownership if it is ever stolen and recovered.

Tuscaloosa P.D.: Report a bicycle theft that has taken place off of campus.

TusconVelo: An awesome web site dedicated to the cycling community in Tuscon, Az. Check it out for safety and other biking tips.

UAPD: Get the latest on crime reports, campus safety policies, and report any bicycles that have been stolen on campus.

UACycling.org: Are you an avid bike enthusiast? Join the UA Cycling Team and kill two birds with one stone. You can meet other students who cycle and learn to prevent bike theft, all while enjoying group rides and good times.

UA Parking: Where you can go to find out the latest on bike rack locations, bicycle registration, and parking policies on campus.