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A list of articles that discuss trends of bicycle theft in towns and on other college campuses, suggestions, solutions, and other helpful tidbits of information.

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bike_bulletThe University of Hawaii sees a rampant increase in the number of bicycle and mo-ped thefts.

bike_bulletUsing his own experiences dealing with bicycle theft, writer Matthew Amster-Burton poses a question: is owning a bicycle really worth the maintenance and risk?

bike_bulletGloucestershire Police will host a viewing session of bicycles they have recovered in hopes of reuniting the stolen merchandise with their owners.

bike_bulletAn analysis and in-depth report on bicycle theft in Washington D.C. as told by a victim of bicycle theft.

bike_bulletThe British Transport Police go undercover to investigate a series of bicycle thefts in Sussex railway stations.

bike_bullet16 stolen bicycles along with various other bike accessories were found stashed in a room in the Biltmore Hotel in Portland, Oregon. The thief, 27-year-old Steve Sherman, has been charged with theft in the first and second degree.

bike_bullet24-year-old Nevada resident Daniel Simons was sentenced for up to three years in prison for stealing a bicycle.

bike_bulletThe Lancashire Evening Post talks about the local law enforcement’s latest combatant to stop bicycle theft by offering cyclists the chance to have their property security marked free of charge.

bike_bulletCornith Cycling tells you what you “need to know” about the rampant plague of bicycle thefts sweeping the nation.

bike_bulletCSUN’s Daily Sundial highlights bike thefts on campus in the past 3 years.

The Independent UK student newspaper kick-starts a fight against their newest trend of thefts – all involving bicycles.

bike_bulletCSUPD talks about the trends they’ve seen with their campus bike theft and as it turns out, they’re mostly by the dorms. Read more about it here.

bike_bulletIn a way eerily similar to yours truly’s article, The Florida Crimson investigates the growing number of bike thefts on campus and how no one expects to lose a bike at Florida Teach.

bike_bullet1 in 3 series. Eric Mar, the San Fransisco, Ca. supervisor, discusses the rampant bike theft trend in the city and asks for suggestions on how it can be stopped. He is also a victim who had two bikes stolen from his own garage.

bike_bullet2 in 3 series.

bike_bullet3 in 3 series.

bike_bulletCBS News Reports on Bay Area Bicycle Theft Victims Banding Together In Order To Locate Their Stolen Merchandise.  Watch the video here.

bike_bulletTulane University Police Department implements a new “bike bait” program which equips bikes with a tiny GPS system to ensure quick and easy tracking if it is taken outside of a certain perimeter.

bike_bulletVSUPD discusses bike theft trends on the campus and offers suggestions on how to properly secure one’s bike.

bike_bulletThe University of Arkansas had 17 bicycles thefts reported last semester and six already reported stolen since Jan. 14, 2013. The UAPD spokesperson said they find this number unacceptable and offers advice to students on how to protect their bikes.

bike_bulletSUDPS forms a bike theft task force to combat the high rate of bicycle crimes that occur on campus.

bike_bulletEDP24 shows us that bike theft doesn’t just occur in the U.S. and that the number of thefts in Norwich, UK doubled in less than a month.

bike_bulletThe EPD at Emory University offers advice to students who are not properly securing their bicycles, thus resulting in thefts.

bike_bulletUniversity of Louisville student Aaron Williams offers advice on how to protect your bike from being stolen.



bike_bulletStuart Glaeser, manager of University of Alabama transportation services, discusses the benefits of registering your bike on campus.

bike_bulletPatrick Brown, owner of The Bike Shop in Tuscaloosa, talks about the quirks and whimsy of running his own business.


bike_bulletThe University of Alabama encourages bicycle registration to those students who are avid riders around campus.

bike_bulletNew bike racks are to be added to the University of Alabama’s campus to sort out many parking issues.

bike_bulletThe University of Alabama enforces a new bicycle policy, the first of its kind seen from the university.


bike_bulletCampus bike theft is on the rise for Fullerton, California State University. Read about their suggestions and tips on how to curb it.


bike_bulletA 2008 handout from the US department of justice that discloses all the information cops should know when dealing with bike theft.

bike_bulletIndiana University’s bicycle theft prevention website which offers information on how to properly care for your bike and what to do if you find out it’s been stolen.


A video which shows the problem of bicycle theft on college campuses.

“Simon Jackson” finds his stolen bike on Craigslist and makes the trip from Portland to Seattle to confront the thief and get his bike back.




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